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#195 Burps that taste good (via 1000 Awesome Things)

I want one! Seriously, burritos are fantastic food and although they make a big lunch, they are a much healthier option than a Subway, Burger King, McD’s… Plus, it brings a bit of sunshine to our rainy life of sad, junk food-addicted Brits! I love burritos. Wrap a chewy tortilla around a slopful of sticky … Continue reading

Tubohotel, Mexico (via coffee.paper.trend)

I want to go there! Thanks for being my personal Discovery Channel again coffee.paper.trend! Fancy spending the night in a concrete tube? Cool-looking new hotel in Mexico, called Tubohotel, that’s basically a load of recycled concrete tubes. The ‘rooms’ look tiny, but comfortable. It’s eco-friendly and affordable. Looks good for backpackers and for anyone looking … Continue reading

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