Why a Blog?!?

I have to say, I’m still not sure what I’m doing here (launching my own blog)… Do I actually need one? Knowing I work in PR, is it essential? I think I’m going to spend quite some time on Google to find out the why’s and how’s and my first ‘official’ post, if I decide to go through with it all, may well be based on my findings!

PS: still struggling with the menus, theme settings and all that so don’t expect it to be before a few days!!! (anyway, very much like talking to myself at the moment… strange, strange thing!)


About jeromefox

'Frenglish' PR consultant. Love the creative, quirky, unusual. Anything to do with food & drink (wine, cocktails, spirits - NO VK/WKD and other rubbish allowed!!!). Will talk about anything but mostly travelling (the farther the better), sports, books & movies (oldies are the best!). Equally passionate about cultural differences & other languages. Thrive on extreme sensations and new experiences. Always a fan of challenging people and opinions.


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